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Hello and welcome to my blog. Ever since I was little I've been passionate about writing. I love to create other worlds, to create other characters and to build places I wish existed. This is a mix of my work from when I was a student studying a Bachelor of Creative Writing and as an... Continue Reading →

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I didn't get a lot of writing done yesterday, but in comparison to the past month, I did really well. I was editing and reviewing a lot of writing—when I haven't touched a manuscript in a long time, I'll usually read the current chapter I'm on to refocus myself into the style/atmosphere etc.—but I did... Continue Reading →

Time to Wind Down to Wind Up

Yesterday was fun, and I'm well rested. Sore, but well rested. Today, I'm pushing through some smaller tasks while I rest. A proper rest, I mean. And I'm also preparing for this week coming, hoping I can get more accomplished. I think I haven't been de-stressing properly, and so that's what I'm working on today!... Continue Reading →

I’ve Caught my Breath

I've been pretty busy since Wednesday, but I've caught a moment to breathe. It's been a while since my legs have hurt so much. I've got a big day tomorrow, but it's meant to be all fun, and so we'll see how I'm feeling on Sunday. Never do I realise more how much I want... Continue Reading →

Bending and Flipping the already existing

Reverse amnesia, where instead of a character forgetting several years, they remember several years into the future. This is a note that I have from a while ago, from January 2020, just as Covid19 began its crawl on Australia. Before beginning its run. Despite knowing how it is, it took a long time to really... Continue Reading →

Preparing for one hell of a month

My jaw hurts again, or to be more specific, my tooth and gums. My dentist appointment isn't for another week, but I have a busy schedule ahead of me until then, and so I’m hoping I can hold out until then because there was hinting that they wouldn't re-prescribe me the antibiotics again (although I... Continue Reading →


I was on a 132 post streak and I lost it. I woke up at 5am this morning and realised that I hadn't written anything yesterday. Although I'm sad that I forgot, I'm not discouraged, surprisingly, and am just motivated to try and do it again. I've been so busy these past few weeks that... Continue Reading →

Assessment Task 1: Literature Review

Note: this was the second literature review that I'd ever written (I failed the first one when I was studying social work at UQ). For some more context, I rewrote the entire essay the day off. I didn't realise there was an example of a good past assignment available, and when I looked at it... Continue Reading →

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